marketing and multimedia

Name a hat, I've likely worn it!

In front of the camera, behind the camera, in the editing booth and deep in the code.

Some ballzy claims right?

Well, I do host a show on YouTube and iTunes called "Ballz In Your Face Marketing" - BIYF MARKETING for short. In one year it attracted over 3700 subscribers, with 3.7M minutes watched. Truth be told, that all came about from a slip of the tongue. For me, being ballzy is really just about having the courage to be your authentic self.

But I don't spend too much time on that...

Partly because I developed a really efficient system to manage my channel. But mostly becasue I have an agency to run! I started my first web hosting and development company in 2002. But it wasn't until 2017 that I became a full-time entrepreneur and launched J.D. Nevins Communications. Things really took off fast from there!

360 degrees of digital marketing

From strategy and content, to SEO, social advertising, video production, website design and development, my agency offers all of the services available at those big traditional agencies, but without the traditional trappings (namely exposed brick walls, ping-pong tables and retainer contracts). We're a different model for an industry that has been completely transformed by technology.

Mini Web Apps

I love tinkering with the code of these little tools! And I actually use these all the time...

Play is part of the job!

Elegant or fun, We'll get it done. Want to play some games? Make some noise? Try these out...

Teach a man to fish...

In recent years I've come to realize how much I love teaching! I also believe online education is quickly evolving such that it is better equipped and more affordable than the traditional education model. So, I decided to launch The Marketing Summit Academy - An online training platform for Digital Marketing. I've also been stepping out onto the speaker's circuit delivering keynote addresses around the world at events such as at the 2019 Global Digital Marketing Summit.

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